- Supporting children from rural areas in Azerbaijan was built to support children living in remote villages in Azerbaijan. Most of people living in this areas are low-income families, which cause a limited number of school supplies and clothes for children. 

Our team from United States and Azerbaijan working together to collect information of children living in this areas with the help of local teachers and sharing it on special website branded as a website of Şaxta Baba (local Santa Claus). Each supporter may choose one or more children and buy the wishes which they made and waiting from Şaxta Baba. 

Every year since 2017, 3 or more special teams with Şaxta Baba are traveling to this areas and delivering gifts from supporters to this beautiful children. This year we covered 18 villages from 14 cities and towns. 

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic - Chronological review

The life of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was too short. The republic which got independence on May 28, 1918 with the leadership of Mahammad Amin Rasulzadeh did a lot of great things for a country which today we call home. 

Leaders of ADR were smart and fast acting, which cause a great things during 23 month of independence. 

But a of Azerbaijani people don’t even know most of the cases and facts which happened from 1917 til 1920. That’s why our research team collected a lot of information from hand-written and printed sources on 4 different languages. 

All information was double-checked in different sources and translated into Azerbaijani and Russian. Data of book was structured by chronologically and covers almost all days of republic. 

The book is being translated in English and planned to send to all libraries in United States and Canada.